Leaders Forum Statement on Violence Against Asian Americans

By March 18

Leaders Forum stands in solidarity with our consortium of c-suite, executive members, strategic partners, supporters, Vice President Kamala Harris, and President Biden in condemning the recent hate crimes and associated violence and murders against Asian Americans.

As an organization committed to public service at the highest level committed to having an impact, we are addressing the situation as follows:

  • LF Action Plan with our national leaders across the country and in the current Administration we hold relationships with has been executed.

  • LF Plan includes addressing the problem of crimes against AAPIs in a coordinated way at the Federal, State, and Local level.

  • LF Plan brings private resources and support to local distinctive leadership who are addressing the immediate needs of AAPI communities with on the ground protection.

  • LF Plan raises awareness in Tier 1 media & national think tanks in accordance with our Impact Portfolio

  • Letter to President Biden


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