The Leaders Forum is a cross sector network of influencers and executive thought leaders. It is designed to use its collective financial, business, and public resources to influence the growing social, civic, and economic importance of Asian Americans at the highest level of the public, private and philanthropic sectors in the US and globally.

We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit network of leaders and strategic partners in government and private industry. It convenes high­-level discussion and encourages thoughtful deliberation among civic and business leaders about emerging national and global challenges. Its hallmark is an emphasis on the United States' relations with the Asia ­Pacific region. The Leaders Forum provides leading, authoritative analysis of Asian American demographics and related public policy issues. The Leaders Forum's programs are designed to advance talented, highly­-qualified Asian American Pacific Islanders into key positions of leadership in government and civil society.

The Leaders Forum is founded and guided by leaders in business, technology, science, public policy, the arts and government. It is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC.


In the fall of 2014, several commissioners of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI) had the inspiration to convene powerful heads of both industry and community to leverage their thought leadership and address challenges facing AAPIs at all levels in this country. From there, senior Administration officials and accomplished thought leaders convened at the White House.

Realizing there was a need for a supportive nonprofit and nonpartisan organization outside and separate from the federal government, the Leaders Forum was launched to focus on the growing AAPI power base in the U.S. The Leaders Forum’s guiding principal was then and is now to align and execute for a common united agenda.

That principal is to highlight the contributions of the AAPI community and break down stereotypes that limit greater contributions. It exists to solve the problem of false stereotypes of the Asian American Pacific Islander community.

Despite an abundance of accomplished leaders in all facets of American life, AAPIs face a “Bamboo Ceiling” because of a stereotype that they are “good workers but not leaders.”

The Leaders Forum will erode that bias by highlighting the individual successes across various industries and disciplines.

Who We Are

As a thought leadership institution, the Leaders Forum has a number of resident and affiliated experts among its trusted global network of executives and fellows. They have the capacity to provide credible subject­-matter perspectives and opinions with authority who are intentionally diverse, and are stable and effective sources for high level policy discussions and media. Additionally, the Leaders Forum is committed to mentoring promising future leaders by sharing the expertise, network and resources of its members. In so doing, we are able to ensure the continued dialogue and examination of strategic actions related to our goals.

As an executive convener, we focus on framing the agenda for future meaningful conversations where the private and public interests intersect. With innovative and pragmatic alignment, we will help shape the issues that matter to our rapid and growing advancement in the US. We do so with a bi­coastal lens as a bridge between the rest of the country and the Beltway, as well as, internationally recognizing the importance of the global perspective of all countries of origin of AAPIs.

Research Policy Agenda and Publishing

We generate demographic and other analysis about the AAPI community and relevant issues; below are two of our existing reports.
Student Debt Wealth Gap Report
Investing in America

Public and Members Only Events

A series of topical and timely convening events in strategic locations (SF, DC, etc.) designed to showcase the organizations’ convening power and the expertise of its members and partners.
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