The Leaders Forum Committees are responsible for the success of the our Impact Portfolio initiatives.

Executive & Civic Appointments Pipeline

An extensive strategic and education campaign to identify, recruit, and support exceptional thought leadership candidates who embody and support public service values for political appointments and senior executive corporate positions. Learn More

Solutions For America

Solutions for America is an initiative where Thought Leadership is used to address some of America’s most pressing challenges.  Members choose a problem or issues they want to engage in and provide thought leadership around a strategy towards solutions. An impact committee is formed and members work to craft a perspective on a possible solution. The white papers or decks created are then shared with significant civic leaders, including senators, members of congress and mayors who engage in conversations with us to expand their own learning and thinking on the subject matter.   Members may also participate in follow up education or feedback with leaders as valuable solutions strategies are formed. Learn More

Tier 1 Media & Think Tanks

Leaders Forum engages and partners actively with other Tier 1 media entities and outlets, as well as, internationally renowned think tanks on strategic initiatives to increase general public awareness of the significant contributions and impact of AAPI throughout all aspects of society in American and across the world. Learn More