Obama to Asian-American Community: “You Are part of the Lifeblood of this Nation”

By May 5

NBC News, 5/5/16

President Barack Obama addressed a range of topics including healthcare, education disparities, and immigration at a gala dinner Wednesday note hosted by the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS).

The president, who was introduced by Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA), also praised the Asian American and Pacific Islander community for speaking out against anti-Muslim rhetoric and for supporting the Sikh, Arab, and South Asian communities targeted by discrimination.

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Southeast Asian refugees

The prison-deportation pipeline for Southeast Asian refugees in the United States

By April 8

South China Morning Post, 4/8/16

Almost 50 years ago a flood of refugees came out of Southeast Asia after the Vietnam war. Southeast Asian refugees are more likely to be poor, less educated and suffering from trauma than other Asian immigrant groups. Unfortunately, most states lack the resources to help refugees and their families successfully integrate into American society. These families live lives that are far from the stereotype of the “model minority” of Asian-American immigrants in the US.

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Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles

New campaign encourages Asian American immigrants to apply for citizenship

By April 7

Asian Journal, 4/7/16

Non-profit organization Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles, in partnership with community-based organizations and local government, on Wednesday, April 6, announced new campaign to encourage and boost the number of Asian American immigrants applying for US citizenship.

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