Time to break a historical pattern of blame and harassment

By September 27

Daily Journal, 9/1/20

“A just society holds people accountable for what they do; it does not punish them for what they look like or where they may have come from.”

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Boxed CEO Hopes to be Mentor to Johns Hopkins’ Young Entrepreneurs

By May 1

John Hopkins Technology Ventures, 12/26/19

“My first entrepreneurial venture wasn’t until I was 29, which isn’t the youngest entrepreneur on the block for a first venture … Even though I was always interested in business I hadn’t developed that entrepreneurial muscle,” he explains. After graduating, Huang went to Japan to teach English, then to law school, and to a firm in New York before entering the startup world. “When I graduated from Hopkins, I didn’t feel I had that startup community network available to me.”

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Leader Forum New York featured an intimate discussion with Media Matters’ president Angelo Carusone. Here he explains how Facebook inadvertently became the “engine” of the fake news ecosystem

By February 25

Media Matter, 1/3/18

“One was that 25 percent of Americans consumed Facebook in the last — fake news in the last six week of the election. So one out of every four Americans were consuming fake news.”

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