2018 – Leaders Forum in Los Angeles

By March 30

Event Date: February 22, 2018


  • Networking Lunch
  • Salon Discussions:
    • 2017 Impact Review
    • DC- May 2017
    • New York Members Meeting Impressions
  • Planning discussions for LF meeting with Senators in DC- LF Goal for 2018
  • Cocktail Reception with Special Guest Congressman Ted Lieu
  • Video Remarks by Senator Kamala Harris
  • 2017 Review NY meeting topics
    • Future goals
    • Senator interactions
      • Martha’s Vineyard
      • DC
      • SF
      • NY

Special Guests:

Congressman Ted Lieu, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Ed Markey, Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Chris Van Hollen, Susan J. Blumenthal
(Partial list for identification purposes only, for a complete list of speakers and participants, please see lookbook below.)