Executive & Civic Appointments Pipeline

Leaders Forum has launched its Executive & Civic Appointments Pipeline project to ensure the next Administration includes talented and committed Asian American and Pacific Islanders at all levels, and especially at a senior level, in the federal government.

Full-time appointments range from entry-level positions to senior executives, agency secretaries and ambassadors that require confirmation by the U.S. Senate. We also welcome interest in volunteer Presidential appointments to boards and commissions.

In recent Administrations, a number of experienced Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) leaders with extensive professional and executive experience have held senior roles including as agency heads such as Secretary Norman Mineta, who served in both a Democratic and Republican Administration.  AAPIs have also occupied critical roles including White House liaisons, Assistant Secretaries, speechwriters, and a broad range of other key junior and mid-level positions.

In order to ensure AAPIs, which includes a vast majority of the untapped talent in the private sector, are interested in serving their country, the Presidential Appointments Project will undertake an extensive campaign to identify, recruit, and support candidates for political appointments and work to increase their opportunities to do so in the next Administration.

We encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions below before filling out the below questionnaire.

For current Obama 44 Alumni:  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Georgetown have partnered to create a course customized for White House appointees to help with job opportunities as the transition out of public service begins. Facebook and Instagram are advising on the job market, while LinkedIn officials are helping with resumes and marketing skills to significant organizations. The course is titled "Future44" and it has hosted over 270 White House staffers so far. To apply and be notified when enrollment re-opens, click here.