Solutions for America

Solutions for America is an initiative where Thought Leadership is used to address some of America’s most pressing challenges.  Members choose a problem or issues they want to engage in and provide thought leadership around a strategy towards solutions. An impact committee is formed and members work to craft a perspective on a possible solution. The white papers or decks created are then shared with significant civic leaders, including senators, members of congress and mayors who engage in conversations with us to expand their own learning and thinking on the subject matter.   Members may also participate in follow up education or feedback with leaders as valuable solutions strategies are formed.

Immigrant Success Stories

Leaders Forum is proud to collaborate with New American Economy in highlighting AAPI and other immigrant group's contribution to the U.S. economy and America's culture. As part of our partnership, we are gathering stories from our member consortium & associated networks about family immigration journeys and success in America.

If you have a story to tell - please fill out our Immigrant Success Stories form.

Student Debt Wealth Gap Report

The Student Debt Wealth Gap Report was Leaders Forum first thought leadership white paper.  It examines the implications of student debt on the US Economy and the factors that inhibits all Americans who are saddled with student debt to contribute fully to the economy over time.

Investing in America

Investing in America was Leaders Forum’s second thought leadership piece in the form of a slide deck.  It was driven by 5 executive LF members from California, Texas & North Carolina. It examines the intersections between American families and their economic and personal family needs and how those needs impact their ability to survive and thrive in the U.S. The deck was presented to various senators the the fall of 2018 in Washington D.C.  LF appreciates the thought leadership by other associated organizations who work on Paid Family Leave in the US including PLUS and the CA Work and Family Coalition.

Asian American Pacific Opportunity Zone Report

AAPI Opportunity Zones takes a Federal Administration policy of highlighting investing in America and layers on demographic AAPI data on population growth for strategic investments opportunities in different regions of the US.

Census Cross Pollination

Details coming soon

Data Disaggregation

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